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Drainage System Maintenance

The storm drainage system will not function under high tide situations. As the tides recede, the storm drain system will begin functioning and remove the waters. The Borough of Longport Public Works Department has a Storm Drainage maintenance program. Twice a year the inlets and basins are inspected and cleaned. Borough Ordinance prohibits the throwing, dumping or discharge of debris and/or litter into the storm drains and gutters. Grass clippings, leaves and small tree or shrub branches can accumulate and clog the storm drains. Help maintain the water quality, because our storm drain system empties into the Ocean and the Bay. Anything placed within the storm drain system will cause a danger to fish, wildlife and the natural habitat. If you see anyone dump, discharge or throw debris into the storm drain system, immediately contact the Longport Police ( 822-2141 ). If you see a clogged storm drain contact the Longport Public Works ( 822-5759 ).

Nor' Easter March 1962 Manor Ave. & the beach

Nor' Easter March 1962 29th & the beach

Nor' Easter March 1962 23rd & the beach

Nor' Easter March 1962 11th & the beach