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Flood Information

Flood Warning

When the possibility of flooding may exist, the National Weather Service Office issues flood watches and warnings. All regional and local television and radio stations carry such warnings. This information is transmitted on the NOAA Radio Station, 162.400 MHZ. 

The Office of Emergency Management Borough of Longport (822-2141) also receives weather information through the New Jersey State Police NCIC/SCIC computer Teletype System, the Atlantic County Office of Emergency Management and through in house DTN Satellite weather system. The warning system includes voice over announcements on all cable television channels on Comcast Cable Television System. Channel 2 on Comcast Cable now includes emergency information provided by the Office of Emergency Management and the Emergency Broadcast Radio Station 1630 am. In case of an emergency Borough EMO will contact Atlantic County Emergency Management and a reverse 911 will be enacted whereby all residents will be notified by phone. 

Additionally sirens located within Longport will be activated as well as Police and/or Fire Department Vehicles with PA capacity will advise of any major flood event. 

The NOAA Weather Radio Stations as well as the National Weather Service Normally indicate potential flooding as minor, moderate, severe, or extreme. These descriptions are based on the anticipated amount of flooding. In addition, they also say that anticipated flooding will be “ eight feet above mean low water”. However, the elevations for the first floor of your property, street, etc. are based on “ mean sea level”. The chart below, is a way to understand what this means:

 Weather Service

 Height Above Mean Low Water

USCG Elevation Mean Sea Level 

Comparison of Past Experiences 


 6.0 to 7.0 feet

 Elevation 4.3 - 5.3

 Black hourse & White Horse Pikes begin to flood


 7.0 to 8.0 feet

 Elevation 5.3 - 6.3

 At 8.0 feet Margate Bridge Rd begins to flood


8.0 to 9.0 feet 

 Elevation 6.3 - 7.3

 Hurricane Bell, 1976


 9.0 to 10 feet

 Elevation 7.3 - 8.3

 Hurricane 1944 9.6 above mean low water