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Flood Information

Protective Measures You Can Take

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There are several other ways to protect your home from flood damage. They range from raising the level of the ground around the property, waterproofing the building’s walls and doors, installation of flood gates, or actually raising the first floor of the dwelling above the flood plain elevation. The Library has several books on these subjects that you can borrow to investigate what is best for you. ( see attached list of articles available through our Library ) The Borough Building Department ( 822-0569 ext. 114 ) by appointment will come out and visit your property and provide suggestions. The Building Department also contains a list of private contractors with knowledge in protective measures. 

Homeowners should consider protection for windows and doors with hard sheeting or shutters. The smallest pieces of wind driven as well as wave driven debris can become deadly projectiles during storms and hurricanes. BBQ’S, Lawn, deck and pool furniture should be stored inside or tied down to permanent construction to prevent damage as a result of wind and wave action. 

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Remember, before doing any construction, additions or alterations to your home, check with the Building Department (822-0569 ext.114 ) for permit requirements. If you see any construction, additions or alterations to a home without a Building Permit Yellow Placard displayed in their front window, report it to the Building Department. 

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